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Our rental packages

Come and race on tracks designed by professional karting drivers.
Reaching a top speed of 80 km/h, our karts will amaze you. An activity to enjoy as a group, with family or friends.


Regular RT8

Adult Karts RT8. Minimum age 13 years and 152 cm (60 inches).


SR5 Elites

Elite Karts SR5. Minimum age 15 years and 152 cm (60 inches).


Kids LR5

Kids Karts LR5. Ages 8 to 14 years and 122 cm (48 inches). Accompanying parents.

13 years and over | Minimum 152cm | Closed shoes | Balaclava or personal helmet


Regular Kart 1 x 15 minutes.


Regular Kart 2 X 15 minutes.


Regular Kart 3 x 15 minutes.


ELITE SR5 / 13HP*15+

*Preliminary qualification on regular karts (RT8) required. If you do not have Elite status at SRA Karting, you cannot purchase sessions online.

Elite Kart 1 x 15 minutes.


Elite Kart 2 x 15 minutes.

3 Sessions $119.00

Elite Kart 3 x 15 minutes.


15 years and over | Minimum 152cm | Closed shoes | Balaclava or personal helmet


8 years and over | Minimum 121cm | Closed shoes | Balaclava or personal helmet

Kids LR58-14

Kids Kart 1 x 15 minutes.


Kids Kart 2 x 15 minutes.


KIDS ONLY sessions take place on the BAMBINO track from 1 p.m. to 7 p.m.

The Family Startstake place on the REGULAR track and allow you to go on the track with your children. They were created to allow toddlers to live the karting experience at their own pace. In this sense, only close family members are allowed with the child and the speed of the parents on the track must be moderate. If a parent wishes to take advantage of the full capacity of the RT8 karts, they must register for a regular session, at regular price. The group must be accompanied by at least one adult. Available every day at 10 a.m. or 11 a.m., by telephone reservation only.

FAMILY DEPARTURES – Maximum of 10 children and 10 adults per session


For rental, closed shoes are required. For enthusiasts, our parts and accessories department can offer you shoes designed for driving in karting.

A helmet with eye protection is required. A motocross-style helmet with goggles is also accepted. If you use our helmets you must have a balaclava with you. We can offer you one for $5.00. For clothing, we recommend pants. No loose clothing or accessories (eg open coat, scarf, long cords) are allowed. For hand comfort, depending on the temperature, gloves are suggested.

Although our karts are designed to the highest standards, karting remains an extreme sport. Each pilot must remain within his abilities and follow the regulations in order to reduce the risks. Anyone driving recklessly will be removed from the race.

Do not drive if you have any medical conditions including dizziness, seizures, heart or back problems or if you are pregnant. If you have any doubts about your condition for practicing karting, consult your doctor.

The top speed of a kart mainly depends on the following factors: engine power, circuit layout and gear ratio. Our Elite rental karts can reach a top speed of 90 Km/h. For comparison, the fastest competition karts can expect 130 km/h on our competition track.

For rental activities, see the “Helmets and clothing” section. If you don’t have your own helmet, we provide helmets but you must have a balaclava with you. If you don’t have one, we sell them for $5.00. It is also possible to use a racing suit, a rib protector if you have one.

Discharge of responsibility

For all karts, if the participant is under 18, he must be accompanied by a parent who can sign the disclaimer for him.

Minimum age and minimum height

Kids LR5 Karts: Ages are 8-14 and child must be at least 122cm (48 inches) tall.

RT8 Regular Karts:Minimum age is 13 and minimum height requirement is at least 152cm (60 inches).

Karts Elites SR5: minimum age is 15 years old and minimum height requirement is at least 152 cm (60 inches). It is also necessary that the driver has previously qualified on the regular RT8 karts to obtain his Elite status or that he holds a competition license.

All our karts are single-seater. You must meet both the age and height requirements to drive the karts.

For safety reasons, it is not allowed to embark a child on either in the kart.