The Montreal Karting League (LKMTL) is SRA Karting's "turnkey" racing solution!

No need to have a kart to race, no need for equipment, gas or tires, everything is included in the price!
The only thing to do in order to participate in the LKMTL events is to obtain the status of “Elite” driver.

To do so, you must go to ICAR Karting and achieve a minimum qualifying time on our RT8 rental karts, or by participating in one of our clinics (information here).

Finally, pilots with:

  • Already participated in SWS rounds, and/or
  • Take a driving course, and/or
  • Federated karting racing experience are also automatically promoted to “Elite” status.
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Sprint Cup Series

Flagship series of the LKMTL, the "Sprint Cup" series brings together up to 40 drivers per round. 10 rounds on the calendar allow for an intense championship with top-level drivers! All Information


The clinics are the perfect opportunity to gain experience before embarking on the "Sprint Cup" and "Endurance" series or simply to improve your skills.

Endurance Race - Mirabergring

Six-hour team race that requires regularity, tactics and good physical condition. This ultimate endurance race takes place on a 2 km circuit - the Mïrabergring - specially set up for the event. Only once a year!

The races of the “Sprint Cup” series are part of the “LKMTL – Sprint Cup” championship and are also part of the “Sodi World Series” championship.


  • 1 “Senior” general classification which brings together all the pilots, weighted at 180 lbs min.
  • 1 “Heavy” category classification which brings together pilots of 210 lbs and more.
  • 1 ranking in the “Master” category which brings together drivers aged 50 and over.
  • Rule Book – PDF

A clinic is the perfect opportunity to improve your skills or learn the basics of driving a kart before taking part in other LKMTL events such as the “Sprint Cup” series.


  • In class: Introduction (basic piloting techniques);
  • Track layout: explanations and discussions on turns;
  • 3 track sessions;
  • Several returns in class or on the edge of the track between each session: trajectories, overtaking, multiple techniques, questions and corrections.
  • Groups limited to 20 pilots.

The “Endurance” series also called the “Mirabergring” is the ultimate event of the LKMTL. Once a year only. . The entire SRA Karting site is dedicated to the event to create a unique circuit of more than 2 km of curves and overtaking lines.


A 6 hour endurance race! Unique event for up to 40 teams made up of 2 to 6 drivers in one of the three categories.

Detailed rules will be provided prior to the event.

Registration Form for SWS - LKMTL

ROUND # 3 - 11 june 2022